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We know that sales are the driving force behind a successful business. That’s why our services are designed to boost your growth.

We’ll help you develop a strategy that will lead your business to success, then we’ll support you in deploying it by helping you identify leads, prepare strong sales pitches and calls, schedule meetings and secure deals. We can also help you select the best CRM solution for your business and ensure all customer data is safely recorded.

If you’re looking for assistance with customer technical support, we can set up your customer support team to answer your customers’ technical issues. And if you’d like to participate in trade fairs or connect with your industry’s trade association—we’ve got that covered too!

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We approach business development with a client by first assessing the market, the existing business development strategies and the competitor’s strategies to understand which target we will prospect and how to reach them. Following this analysis, we will generate a list of potential leads that will be shared with the clients for approval. We will focus on immediate wins.

In the meantime, we work on the sales pitch and identify the Unique Selling Points of our client. We define clear KPIs with the clients before launching the prospection. Once everything is approved, we start prospecting for leads. We offer a weekly report to analyse the results and propose a change of direction if needed. Depending on the needs of the clients, we schedule a weekly or biweekly meeting to discuss the progress.

It really depends on the attractiveness of the product or solution in the market and the quality of the leads that we have. If we have a good product and we generate ourself the leads, we will need to reach 6-7 prospects to get an appointment.

It would be unfair to expect us to bear the commercial risk alone. Our team spends a lot of time and effort on every project. This is why we cannot accept contracts remunerated solely by commission

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