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Get your foot in the door! Our research package will give you all the tools you need to understand the market you are trying to enter, and its customers and get some recommendations to plan a successful export strategy.

It has been designed for businesses that want to research a foreign market before launching their business or a new product or service.

What's Included

When you’re trying to expand your business into a foreign market, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we offer customised market research that will help you figure out the best way to go ahead with your international expansion.

Whether you need an overview of the local market with key figures and key trends, conduct a PESTEL analysis, prepare a detailed report on the competition with a focus on their USPs and most-selling products or perform any quantitative or qualitative market research to get insights from your potential customers, we’ve got you covered.

And once you get all the analysis, you still need to go further: we can provide some recommendations and build a business development strategy with the identification of leads, opportunities for your business focusing on quick wins, the main events you should participate in, and the trade associations you should join.

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We work with a strong network of trade advisors who have extensive experience helping brands export. This means we can guide you through the whole process and make sure you get what you need. We also know the local culture, so we can help you navigate cultural differences, as well as any cultural issues that might arise during your time in the country.

Finally, we know how important it is for an exporter to have connections with local governments and trade organisations—and we do! We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly so that you can focus on running your business and making connections with your customers.

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