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As an entrepreneur, you know that the key to success is surrounding yourself with the best possible talents. And that’s where we come in.

We’ll help you design and implement a recruitment strategy that attracts the right skills and the best talents to your business. We’ll also help you identify which skills are most important for your business’s success—and how to make sure you get them.

Then we’ll prepare attractive job descriptions based on our assessment of those skills and estimate the salary of your prospective employee based on market data, so you can offer competitive packages. We’ll help you select job boards that correspond to your target, advertise jobs on your behalf, and headhunt the talents that are harder to find on the market for you. Once we have shortlisted & tested candidates on your behalf, we will draft clear interview evaluation forms to ensure a competitive and fair recruitment process.  After all this work, we’ll arrange interviews for you, assist you in selecting the right candidate, prepare employment contracts & HR policies and secure protective insurance coverage for you. 

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If your business is based in the UK, you may be using a zero-hour contract. A zero-hour contract means that an employee is not guaranteed any specific number of hours per week or month. Instead, they are only paid for the hours they actually work.

This can be beneficial for employers because they have flexibility in how much they pay their employees and can adjust their workforce depending on demand without having to worry about paying out more money than necessary.

In the UK, it is quite easy to end the employment of somebody who has been working for less than two years. 

If an employee has been working for more than two years, they can be dismissed but their employer would need to show that they had a fair reason and acted reasonably in all the circumstances.

The rules for hiring employees in the UK are pretty straightforward. You need to make sure you don’t discriminate during recruitment, and that your application process is accessible for disabled or otherwise disadvantaged applicants. You’ll also want to check that they have the right to work in the country, or else they could be deported if they get caught.

In addition, if you’re hiring someone who will be working with children or people in healthcare, you may need to check their criminal record through the Disclosure and Barring Service (dbs).

As an employer, you have a number of obligations to your employees. You must make sure that your employees do not work longer than the maximum allowed. You must also pay them at least the minimum wage, and have employer’s liability insurance. You need to provide a safe and secure working environment for your employees, register with HM Revenue and Customs to deal with payroll, tax and NICs. If you provide benefits such as holiday pay or sick pay, you should be aware of how these are calculated. You should also consider flexible working requests from your employees when they come in – this can help them stay healthy and productive at work.

You should also try not to discriminate against any employee based on their race, gender or sexuality when hiring new people or promoting existing staff members within your company structure; reasonable adjustments can be made if an employee has a disability which affects their ability to perform certain tasks required by their role within your business structure.

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