A step-by-step guide to setting up a business in the UK

Step 1 — Choose a name for your business

Step 2 — Decide on your legal form

Step 3 — Choose a registered address (and get it checked!)

Step 4 — Register for self-assessment with HMRC or register your LTD or LLP with Companies House

Step 4a. Register yourself or your partnership for self-assessment with HMRC

Step 4b. Incorporate your LLP or LTD

1. Appoint designated members, directors, shareholders, company secretaries and PSCs

2. Format the documents of incorporation

3. Issue share capital and pay-in

4. File your documents at Companies House

Step 5. Open a business bank account

Step 6. Obtain phone numbers for the company and its directors

Step 7. Arrange insurance (including public liability insurance)

Step 8. Register for VAT, PAYE and relevant licences and comply with any industry regulations (if applicable)

Step 9. Register intellectual property (if applicable)

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